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After watching this video below, you may want to reconsider the “cheap” quote that “other” tile removal crew quoted you since it’s likely you’ll have expensive hidden costs ahead. Factor in the cost of repairing your damaged concrete, the dust you’ll be cleaning for months, and the amount of extra time their process takes. There is a way to avoid these expensive surprises. Hire us FIRST!!

Are you ready to remove ceramic tile, stone, or Saltillo? Do you believe every company you’re calling will offer the same quality service and have the same quality equipment? Perhaps you’ve noticed we’re the only company offering videos documenting our specialized and unique dust free tile removal process.

There is a reason you won’t find anything more than “before and after” pictures on those other websites you’ve visited. So we created this particular video to show the incredible damage that was caused by hiring a cheap tile removal crew using only “crude chipping hammers” and a destructive “Ride-On Floor Stripper.”

It would take great courage for those companies to make a video available, and to watch their process in “real-time.”

You would be horrified to see large amounts of damage, mess, and also cancer causing concrete dust created during their process. They simply have not invested in “High Technology Dust Suppression Equipment,” specifically designed for ceramic tile removal, stone removal, Mexican tile removal, and saltillo removal.

But don’t worry, we have! In fact, we pioneered and invented the complete, dust free process of removing tile and thinset in occupied homes.


Our tile removal crews, along with our proprietary and specialized equipment can remove ceramic tile 5 times faster and dust free. We guarantee that your home will be as clean or even cleaner when we’re finished. Just imagine leaving for work in the morning, then returning in the afternoon to find up to 1500 sq. ft. of tile and thinset completely removed, your floors smooth, and your home as clean as it was when you left that morning.

We are currently the only tile removal crew in existence with this complete system and process. One of the most important pieces of equipment we own, is our own patent pending invention called the DustRam™. The DustRam™ is used in conjunction with a Bosch chipping hammer to start the first process of removing ceramic tile from the concrete in your home dust free.

No one can remove tile and thinset dust free faster than our trained workmen and equipment using our complete process. Watch our ceramic tile removal videos to see how our system saves you money by doing the job right the very first time.

Call us TODAY (480) 907-0470 to get on our schedule for removal.

One of our specialties include professional dust free tile removal. Tile removal is a messy, dirty process without the proper dust collection equipment and knowledge. We have a special process for tile removal and thinset removal, which eliminates any dust! Unfortunately, many other tile removal crews still remove tile in the usual antiquated, messy, and dusty fashion, leaving the interior of your home covered in cancer causing concrete dust.

Our tile removal equipment is highly specialized, including our invention called the DustRam™; so advanced it is patent pending. Currently, other than our own, no other tile removal crew exists which can offer this level of clean tile removal as a service. When getting quotes make sure to compare our equipment with that of those other tile removal crews.


We are constantly on the lookout for professional tooling that sets us apart from the competition.

If you haven’t already watched our professional tile removal videos, please take a few minutes to see how beneficial ALL our professional tile removal equipment can be to keeping your home clean.

So how does all this tile removal and industrial dust collection equipment benefit you as a homeowner?

Call us TODAY (480) 907-0470 to get on our schedule for removal.

  • Our industrial vacuums and specialized equipment will save you money!  They have the ability to remove large amounts of concrete dust efficiently with no down time cleaning filters.  Plus, our equipment doesn’t cause large scale damage to your concrete floors.
  • All of our tile removal equipment is designed to professionally capture dust.
  • Your home will stay much cleaner using our tile removal equipment, than with the typical tile removal equipment used by many other tile removal crews.  The more furnishings, pictures, drapes, shutters, windows, artwork, cabinets, etc. you have, the cleaner they stay.



Call us TODAY (480) 907-0470 to get on our schedule for removal.

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Call us TODAY (480) 907-0470 to get on our schedule for removal.

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