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Tom & Jean G
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I’m writing to tell of our recent purchase of 3500 square feet of flooring from DB. Everything went smoothly, from the ordering to the delivery of our extensive order. My primary reason for writing though, is to tell you about the extraordinary experience surrounding the installation of our flooring – wood, tile, and carpet. Through a list of contractors, we found Jack King. Prior to talking with him, my husband and I had been very discouraged when we were unable to find people in various other trades willing to help us coordinate the materials available through DB with the installation of same. No one was willing to get involved before the ordering process, and instead, told us that we needed to be responsible for measuring, estimating and ordering everything. We were beginning to regret our membership. When I first contacted Jack King, he patiently spent 45 minutes on the phone with me, finding out about our needs and assuring me that he would take responsibility for the job, from beginning to end. To complicate things, our job was in Flagstaff, but this didn’t seem to be an obstacle for Jack. I hung up, assured that we would be in capable hands. This proved to be one-hundred percent true.


When we first spoke, our home in Flagstaff was months away from completion, with unforeseen weather delays looming. During the ensuing months, Jack met with us, took measurements from our floor plans and gave us a detailed estimate. He communicated periodically, gauging the progress of our construction so as to schedule our job efficiently. Prior to beginning our job, he drove to Flagstaff, to be sure there were no surprises that weren’t evident on the blueprints. When the time came to place our order, Jack supplied us with a detailed order form, complete with all the necessary elements we would need, down to the various glues and grouts.


He and his crew lived in our home for the two weeks or so it took to do the job, and were the perfect “guests”, respecting our home and the community. They left our new home pristine. We enjoyed our relationship with his entire crew. The job they did was absolute perfection! The layouts of the wood and tile were creative and done in such a way as to make a dramatic statement. The guys installing the wood worked very hard to make certain elements of our great room stunning. They continually analyzed the best way to treat certain areas for the best visual impact. My husband and I could not be happier with the work Jack and his men did, and consider finding him through your list of contractors to be a stroke of luck. Jack will be a friend of ours for life, and we would be happy to recommend him to any of your customers.


want you to know that finding Jack King is instrumental in our being pleased with being your member. I think that, were you able to convince more contractors to be willing to help your customers plan their jobs, you would be able to sell more merchandise. Had we found a Jack King among the contractors installing cabinetry, plumbing, or lighting, we would have purchased those items through DB also. No one we contacted, though, was willing to get involved at the beginning of the process, and we certainly lacked the knowledge and expertise to tackle the tasks of measuring and ordering materials.


Sincerely, Jean G

Tom & Jean G
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From the first time we spoke on the phone, until our complicated project was finished, we felt completely at ease that you had everything under control. Your attention to detail, balancing function with aesthetics, and your willingness to take charge of every aspect of the process, made what would have been an overwhelming task a breeze. Although the fact that our job was in Flagstaff must have been a challenge, you and your crew took it in stride. I have never met a more organized, meticulous human being, and the end result reflects your work ethic. You and your crew put a lot of thought and creativity into the visual impact of each phase of our job: Wood, Tile, and Carpeting. The guys were not merely talented; they were personable, conscientious and fun! Every time I approach the stairs in the great room, and marvel at the layout of the wood, I’m reminded of how hard Edwin worked in designing that area for the perfect impact. Everything you did in our house is actually better than I’d dared to hope. I hope I get the chance to recommend you to many prospective customers. I consider finding you to be a stroke of luck and an invaluable investment in my peace of mind. Thank you for a job well done!


Jean G

Barbara C
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Jack and his team were the ultimate professionals! Excellent communication, concern for clients’ needs, and excellent workmanship. Highly recommend Jack and his team!

Kelly B
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Thank you-We love our wood floors. Marty + Edwin were a pleasure to have around!

Bill & Bonnie C
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When Jack arrived to look at the job and show us his plan, he was very professional. He thought of all occurrences that might be encountered. He had his laptop with him to give us a copy and a contract to sign. The men helped move the furniture off, then back onto the new flooring. There was also a great deal of attention to detail while laying the floor.

Joe G
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Thanks again Jack! Everything was perfect. The job was awesome as were your workers, Edwin & Marty. They were very knowledgeable as well as professional. I look forward to my next job. Best Regards, Joe G

Scott H
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On time, courteous, professional & fun to have here for 2 weeks. In the 10 years we’ve lived in Phoenix this is the first time we’ve had a company show up on time everyday-complete the work in the promised time frame, and give such great customer service. Thanks, Jack & Crew!

Steve H
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Fantastic experience overall. Thanks!

Elaine K
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I have already referred you to Barry V & Roxanne H.

Elaine K
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I have already referred you to Barry V & Roxanne H.

Patti K
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Jack & his Crew were always polite, worked hard to please us, finished earlier than expected, and came back to correct any problems related to other Contractors. We both would highly recommend Jack’s company to anyone. This is our home #11 to build /remodel, and this was one of our better flooring experiences. Thanks to Jack and your wonderful crew! Nick & Patti K

Jim L
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Of all my experiences in remodeling, you and your crew were always on time, and professional in their work. I was always kept aware of what they were doing. If I needed some assistance, they were always ready to help. Jim L

Matt L
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Jack was great to work with. He was very thorough and professional. He did a quality install and took his time to make the finished product look perfect. The job site was always maintained and the final cleanup was great. He was friendly, experienced, and worth the money!

Jim Ln
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Jack-Excellent professional job again! We would refer you without question. Looking forward to the completion of the fireplace.

Don M
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My floors are beautiful, definitely the focal point of the remodel. Marty & Edwin worked together very professionally and with wonderful results.

John M
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Thanks-We love the carpet! Enjoyed the workers!

Dave R
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We were very satisfied with the job that was done. Jack was very professional in his presentation of the work they were going to perform. We appreciate all they did for us. Once more thank you Jack. Sincerely Dave & Nelly R

Chad S
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The guys were great and the job they did was excellent. They were very punctual, they always left the job site as clean as possible, and when they said something would happen it did. If we had an unforeseen problem it was thoroughly explained, options presented, and the problem was solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Jim S
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Will recommend. Please send out some business cards as we work with 500 other employees and people are always doing remodeling. Will also give high recommendation to DB. Exceeded my expectations. Very pleased. Brought my home into the 21st century! Thank You so much! Love the work 🙂

Mike S
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Extremely professional. Great communication during the scheduling process. Workmanship is the best, great attention to detail. Highly recommend Jack King flooring. Mike & Karen S

Nikki S
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Jack King & his men (Edwin & Marty for Hardwood, Sabit for the Ceramic) were held in the highest regards, for their quality of the work reached far beyond our dreams. We urge anyone to challenge them in a task; they will surprise you. Jack, thanks for making our flooring experience a pleasurable one. Thanks again, Nik & Joy S

Dean T
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Excellent experience, professional, team takes pride in work, strives for excellence consistently. Even gives phone calls if running only a few minutes behind schedule.

Ralph V
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Working with Jack and his Crew was a great experience. Jack delivered a finished product above our expectations. Thanks!

Carol Z
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A painless re-do! I highly recommend Jack + Company for anyone’s flooring needs.

Chris H
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I was out of town for work most of the time that the floors were being installed. I felt very comfortable and had no problems with Jack’s crew coming in and out of my house everyday while I was not there. The overall quality of work and look of the floor is amazing. They did an incredible job and the house looks like a completely different house.

Mike R

Very professional, informative, and would definitely recommend. Thank You!

Steve & Staci A

Great working you. You and your crew made it a great experience for us.

Ron & Carol K

We were very pleased with the job & his crew. They were very courteous, professional, and always on time. The workmanship was very good too. We especially liked the way Jack suggested meeting the tile with the living room carpet.

Thomas & Brittany A

We want to let others know of our experience with Jack King and his company. We have since referred him to one of our friends who had him install ceramic and carpet in their home.

Edward & Judith G


Marcia and Frank C

Dear Jack,
Frank and I wish to thank you again for the superb job! The tile floor and carpet have literally transformed our home. And the tile on the front porch and sidewalk completed our make over. We are delighted with the results. For the benefit of others, Jack and his crew tiled our laundry room, pantry, kitchen, dining room, foyer, hall, and bath rooms. He also re-carpeted our living room, den, and two bedrooms. Our cement floor was in very bad shape and took a lot of grinding and other leveling work to put it in proper condition to receive the tile. But now that the job is done, it looks beautiful! Marcia comments several time a day about how great it looks. And Frank notes, in comparing to other jobs he has seen, how straight and even the grout lines are. One can tell it was done by a pro! In addition, this first rate team tiled our front porch and sidewalk using a material and color most suitable for the outdoors and the architecture of out home. Great work Jack. And thanks also to your entire crew. With sincere best wishes in your future endeavors, Marcia and Frank C

1st PhaseRuss and Shaan W
Russ and Shaan W
Re: Laminate Flooring
Jack and his crew arrived on time and were ready to start work immediately. They brought their own music (not ‘rap’ I am pleased to say) and got down to some serious work. The carpet was taken up and the floor preparation went underway. When all the cracks had been sanded and filled, the laminate flooring was laid. This was undertaken in a professional manner and the finished job was excellent. Russ and I are very pleased with the workmanship and would have no hesitation in referring Jack to anyone who needs a professional job completed.

2nd Phase

Russ and Shaan W

Re: Ceramic Flooring
Russ and I were thrilled with your workmanship. You and your crew were most professional, courteous and as you didn’t eat too many cookies, were a pleasure to have in our home!!

Dennis V

This has been a very satisfying experience. If I need additional work done in the future it will definitely be done by Jack King’s crew. The workmanship that was performed at my house is second to none. Thanks again for an excellent service. I can’t say enough to show my appreciation.

Kyle W

Jack King recently finished the tile job on my parents condo in Scottsdale. His professionalism and attention to detail was evident in his very first return phone call. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and was looking for a tile contractor to do work in my parents condo that they had just purchased after downsizing from a 4 bedroom house that they had lived in for 34 years. We wanted a fresh look to this 20 year old condo and Jack King delivered. His comprehensive estimate made us take notice, but the actual job that he and his crew pulled off was remarkable. I was just in Scottsdale to visit my parents and the tile looks incredible. We were so pleased to find a company that cared about their work, did an excellent job and completed the job on time and on estimate. In this day of contractor horror stories, Jack King delivers superior service and quality from start to finish. My parents love their new tile and will recommend Jack King without reservation to anyone needing his quality services. Thank you Jack!

Barbara A

Jack is truly a master craftsman! He and his crew were spectacular!

Kurt & Julie K

There may be hundreds of qualified flooring installers in the Phoenix area, but few will surpass the professionalism and quality work of Jack King and his associates from our personal experience. We had both tile and carpet installed in our new house prior to move in and Jack was all too willing to work within our tight closing schedule and availability at an exceptional price. I would heartily use Jack’s services again in the future and refer him to my friends and family. Great job Jack!

Bryan W

Jack tiled our upstairs bathrooms, downstairs bathroom, kitchen and high traffic areas. In additional, an upstairs bedroom was re-carpeted. T he crews were very courteous, professional, and efficient. For example, plastic was laid down leading to the upstairs bathrooms, so dirt wasn’t tracked onto the carpet. A second example is the tile crew cleaned the garage area each day before leaving. A third example, the refrigerator and toilets were only moved/removed for a short period of time, minimizing the inconvenience. Follow-ups were done by both the crew and, separately, by Jack at each step, ensuring we were happy with the results. The tile work was excellent quality, especially the free form rounded cuts. We are extremely happy with the results – tile gives the house a whole new look. I have already recommended Jack to others thinking about carpeting or tiling their house. In addition, I’ll have Jack do my future tile/carpet work.

Kurt & Julie K

There may be hundreds of qualified flooring installers in the Phoenix area, but few will surpass the professionalism and quality work of Jack King and his associates from our personal experience. We had both tile and carpet installed in our new house prior to move in and Jack was all too willing to work within our tight closing schedule and availability at an exceptional price. I would heartily use Jack’s services again in the future and refer him to my friends and family. Great job Jack!

Pamela & Eric K

Jack and his crew did a GREAT job with our new tile. The floor was finished on time, and the entry way design looks wonderful. The professionalism of Jack and his crew was greatly appreciated during a hectic and stressful moving process. Thanks!

Cindy T

Great job, need some of your cards!

Jan E

Now that the tile work in both my business and home are done, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know just how thrilled I am with the great work and quality customer service that I received. From the estimate right through the creative consultation, planning process and the exquisite craftsmanship, the whole experience went smoothly and quickly. Your customer service was far beyond any expectations that I had, and my floors will be a source of pride for years to come. I would without hesitation, refer anyone I know to Jack King.

Ray & Carolyn M

Very Professional.
Great attention to detail.
Would highly Recommend to Others.

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