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Perhaps you have found a product (and a price) on the internet for flooring. Often, these prices are as low or lower than you can buy at wholesale. How is this possible and what are the hidden risks and costs?

  • Make sure you include freight in the calculation of price.


  • Internet sellers charge very high prices for trim pieces—customers assume since the material is inexpensive everything is.


  • Material being sold may be seconds represented as first quality product, and this is usually the case.


  • Ask how warranty issues are handled. Most manufactures process warranty claims through local distributors and local distributors won’t handle claims on material they don’t sell.

Since you may be skeptical, here are some links to manufacture’s websites so you can see for yourselves what manufacturers say about this subject. These are a few manufacturers of many to be found on the internet. They will all be very similar in their wording and meaning.


Flooring Manufacturers Internet Purchase Policy Links


Anderson Wood Floors
Kahrs Wood Floors
Wilsonart Laminate—–Wilsonart only offers a one year warranty on material purchased over the internet.

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