We are also the only service providers of the DustRam® System in the Phoenix Metro areas. This is a premium service for removing tile, saltillo, stone, slate, concrete and wood flooring dust free. We also provide the DustRam® System for floor preparation & flattening to a tolerance of 1/16″ in 50 linear feet. Please visit azhomefloors.com for more information on these amazing services!

AZ Super Flat Floors


What is a Super Flat Floor? Simple – it’s a sub floor that exceeds manufacturer’s minimum specifications for flatness. Neither thin set nor adhesive is intended to “build up” low spots. And of course, you can’t take them away to compensate for a high spot.


We have invested over $15,000 in specialized equipment to produce Super Flat Floors. We use a combination of lasers, aluminum screeds, large and small grinders (with outstanding dust control), precision levels, and other devices to really flatten a sub floor. And we ensure that the entire floor is flat… just because one section is flat, that doesn’t mean that it’s level with the next section.


So why is a Super Flat Floor so important?

Really large ceramic and stone tile can be installed with the edges almost touching but without those small but annoying variances in the height of the individual tiles, and without the risk of cracks developing over uneven sections of the sub floor.



Wood flooring can be glued down with no “hollow spots” or risk of buckling.


As a discerning customer, you will appreciate the beauty of a totally flat installation. And have you ever had a look at baseboards installed over a wavy floor? It’s not attractive!


As a homeowner who has invested in a beautiful new floor, proper sub floor preparation means that you have increased your home’s value.


Flooring manufacturers are happy to guarantee their products, but they are also happy to find reasons to avoid paying a claim. One of the easiest ways to do that is to find that the sub floor doesn’t meet the minimum standard for flatness. Then they can claim that the warranty is voided by improper installation. We can guarantee that this won’t happen!


Concrete slabs here in the Phoenix area usually require preparation in order to guarantee a perfect installation. We have collected data from hundreds of projects, and can advise on the best methods of flattening your sub floor and what the cost is likely to be.


The bottom line is: we care enough to prepare the installation from its very foundation!